We offer a full range of accounting and auditing services including the preparation of audited and unaudited financial statements.
We develop tax planning strategies specifically for your business, ensure compliance and provide on- going support. Our expertise extends beyond the domestic level to international transactions and includes the following: 1. Corporate Taxation of Private Corporations 2. Personal Tax and Financial Planning 3. Government Incentive Programs 4. Estate Planning 5. Cross Border Transactions
We will help you to realize your investment and lifestyle goals while at the same time minimizing the overall tax liability.
We will provide guidance and assist with the preparation of regular payroll transactions. We will prepare annual T4 and other government filings.
As we have gone through the process of selecting relevant computing capability for our own needs, we fell upon an obvious need in the private sector for consultation in this regard. We have performed a number of engagements wherein we have successfully matched client requirements with machine and relevant software.
We provide a full range of computer services including installation, training and on-going support of accounting-related software applications. In addition to offering computerized accounting and payroll systems, the firm has rigid standards of financial reporting. The firm has in-house computing capability, with word processing, G/L accounting, electronic worksheets, payroll and accounts receivable software available as a service to interested clients. Our underlying professional philosophy is to offer top quality accounting services while keeping in mind your cost constraints.
We will assist you with the tax planning surrounding a corporate reorganization in situations such as withdrawal of a shareholder, mergers, estate freezes and succession planning.
Ancillary to our financial work, the reorganization of a corporate group to minimize exposure to liabilities and insulate valuable assets from creditors, has become common place.
We have extensive knowledge of the documentation required to start a new business and we can assist you with all the aspects. Consult us first before incorporating a business as we can help with the selection of an appropriate legal structure, registration with taxation authorities, budgeting, cash flow analysis and obtaining financing.
We will prepare detailed cash flow projections for use in managing your business or for use in obtaining financing. Assistance with Borrowing Funds: We can introduce you to potential lenders, such as chartered banks, and we will prepare detailed pro-forma financial statements to report the anticipated future operations of your business and the financing that will be required.
We will prepare a valuation report which contains a detailed analysis of your business and our opinion concerning its value for use in situations where a valuation is required for purchase or sale of a business, claims for commercial litigation, net family property calculations for an estate freeze or for a marital breakup and crystallization of capital gains.
We have developed this area of expertise to assist clients and others in the sale, merger and acquisition of businesses, and we provide independent advice when one is buying and selling a business. We will assist you with all aspects of purchasing or selling a business including locating potential buyers or sellers, developing a negotiating strategy and assisting with the due diligence process.
With today’s fluctuating interest cost, a properly planned capital structure will provide the basis for a going-concern. We are available to assist in the preparation of financial proposals and cash-flow projections together with the presentation thereof. We capitalize on our contacts in the financial community to ensure our clients are properly financed.
We can assist in the design and implementation of processes to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and in particular, profits.
We will research and prepare a Notice of Objection in order for you to appeal an income tax assessment or GST assessment that you believe to be incorrect or to appeal an assessment of interest and penalties, which you believe warrants “fairness” on the part of the government.
We will prepare your US 1120 Income Tax Return and applicable schedules, as well as your Canadian Income Tax Return, and we will ensure that you have received the full benefit of the Tax Treaty and that there is no double taxation. We will assist you with meeting any US State filing requirements.
We will assist you with the selection of an appropriate entity for conducting business in the US, either by way of a foreign division of your Canadian company or by way of a US Corporation, and with the related tax planning. We will assist you with the incorporation of your US Corporation.

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