Our accountants are mindful of the importance of continuity with clients who return to our office each year for the preparation of their personal income tax returns. This shared historical perspective allows for a smooth finalization of any tax planning required (such as income splitting, RRSP contributions, etc.)
We will research and prepare a Notice of Objection in order for you to appeal an income tax assessment or GST assessment that you believe to be incorrect or to appeal an assessment of interest and penalties, which you believe warrants “fairness” on the part of the government.
We stay abreast of the latest US tax laws to prepare your US 1040 Income Tax Return and applicable schedules, as well as your Canadian Income Tax Return, and we will ensure that you have received the full benefit of the Tax Treaty and that there is no double taxation.
For the many US taxpayers who are living abroad and have not kept up-to-date with their US filing requirements, the US currently has a process to be considered “in compliance”, which is called the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures. We prepare the necessary documentation (including three years of US tax returns, six years of FinCEN (foreign bank account reporting), declaration forms and the correspondence that is required to satisfy the most recent IRS compliance requirements.
We stay abreast of the latest US tax laws to assist you in determining your residency status and your income tax filing requirements. We will prepare your US Federal and State Income Tax Returns and your Canadian Income Tax Returns as applicable.


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