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MacNeill Edmundson Turns 40!

MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation hosted a party that was 40 years in the making on Tuesday, September 24th at Jim MacNeill’s home!

Our fun-loving party guests celebrated our landmark 40 years in business by enjoying a festival of food, refreshments and vibrant music provided by the extremely talented, Orlando Valencia.

Just to provide a perspective of what was happening 40 years ago:

  • Jim MacNeill’s charge-out rate was $50 per hour;
  • The average income per year was $17,500 and the average house price was $13,650;
  • China instituted the one child per family rule to help control it’s exploding population;
  • The YMCA sued the Village People for libel over their song of the same name;
  • The movie, Hair provided audiences with an enjoyable, nostalgic look at the 60’s.

Jim MacNeill circa 1979

Jim MacNeill, Jeremy Giles, Lissa Savage and Bob Edmundson would like to thank the 150 guests who joined us in this exciting celebration and for the kind words and good wishes.  We especially thank the neighbours for not calling in a Noise Nuisance complaint.

Jim at the bar for the 40th party

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